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Finance Minister convey concerned about the slow growth of investment in Batam

Finance Minister Agustin Martowardojo convey concerned about the slow growth of investment in Batam Free Trade Zone. The amount of economic potential that is owned, they are not able to be utilized optimally so that lags behind Batam free trade zones in neighboring countries."There was turmoil when she sees Batam," said Finance Minister Agustin Wardojo in the show titled Dialogue Investment Prospects in Batam which was attended by 91 invited representing 71 companies, on Monday (07/03/2011).One indicator is the service loading and unloading of containers. According to Finance Minister, Batu Ampar Terminal service capabilities are still around 200,000 teus. In Port Klang and Tanjung Release in Malaysia, each has reached 8 million and 6 million teus teus. While in Singapore has reached 38 million teus.Finance Minister who had visited the terminal Terminal Batu Ampar rate is still far behind. In the terminal which has been designated as a free port in order to support the status of Batam as a free trade area there has been no government-owned cranes, minimal lighting, bad roads, and still mixed loading and unloading of goods conventional packaging and containers.In fact, Agus continued, various indicators of climate-related investment in Indonesia showed a positive trend. It was indicated to the healthy condition of the country's balance of payments, fiscal, capital markets, and banking."The potential for large Batam, but if not immediately prioritize well and did not really execute it, then the result will not be good," said Agus.The lack of infrastructure as the main issue in order to spur the growth of investment, according to Finance Minister, is understood the government. However, the central government should still be realistic in allocating national budget."There's no way we allocate the maximum budget for infrastructure because it endangers the state's financial condition. So we encourage the development of infrastructure is done by public private partnership. To anyone who is interested in specific areas, I am ready to give guarantees," he said.Meanwhile, in a dialogue, a number of employers expressed the problems they faced. Among them are the high tariffs charged for electricity because of employers' subsidies to the community and slow the flow of goods that cause 70 percent of transportation costs precisely when the goods have been imported in the customs territory of Indonesia.unclear role Exploitation Agency Batam and Batam City Government is also mentioned. Highlighting the role of local government that is not clear in supporting the growth of investment.

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