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Japan Cancel 7 Investment Plan in Batam

Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Batam today released a new fact the investment world by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, some time ago. Apindo recorded at least 7 Japanese investment plan in Batam ascertained canceled following the accident that killed tens of thousands of lives it.

"Between six to seven plans of the Japanese investment in Batam canceled," said Chairman Apindo Batam, OK Simatupang, Monday (28 / 3). OK unfortunately do not know exactly how much value the investment that was canceled. Ok just to make sure all potential investors are planning to invest in the electronics industry sector.  In addition to projections devastated investment in Batam, Japan earthquake and tsunami are also certain to have an impact on the continuity of electronics production in Batam. Because, currently around 40 percent in Batam electronic components imported from Japan.

Component supply disruptions would have an impact on the production of about 30 to 40 percent. As a result, the company also will conduct efficiency and can have an impact on workforce reductions or layoffs. "We have friends already give an indication of the industry," said OK as reported by the Batam Pos.  Indeed, the further Ok, indications have not been proven. But he believes this will begin to be felt in the next 2 or 3 months and will take place within a period of time. "Unless the Japanese government could do a quick re-covery," he said.  Faced with this, Apindo suggested that there is transfer of electronic markets from Batam. If all this time the focus of imports and exports of electronic goods from Batam to Japan, then the employer requested will begin to look the other foreign markets, are like China and other Asian countries.  Meanwhile, data Investment Board (BPM) Batam call imports from Japan was second after Singapore. Value of Imports from Japan only worth 313 million U.S. dollars or 8.66 percent. While imports from Singapore reached 57.51 percent or equivalent to 2033 U.S. dollars.  According to Japanese BPM is also not a major destination country exports of electronic products industry Batam.
The main export destination countries are Singapore Batam. Then followed the United States and Japan is in third place. (Ach / BP)

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