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South Africa's Coega Investment Learn to Batam

Delegation of the Coega Development Corporation of South Africa (South Africa) visited Exploitation Agency (BP) Batam on Monday (17 / 1). Visits of foreign delegates to learn and exchange information about the investment in Batam. In a chance meeting of two bodies equally manage the region's FTZ, South Africa's Coega helped deliver the benefits of the FTZ area in South Africa.
"The meeting Coega and BP Batam is a follow-up of meetings in 2008. There are many benefits from this meeting, although Coega dig more information about the investment attractiveness of Batam. The meeting was to open a marketing network between BP Batam and Coega," said Chief Marketing Bureau BP and PR Batam Rustam H Hutapea BP was accompanied by Head of Public Relations Batam Dwi Djoko Wiwoho after the meeting.  
In a chance meeting that was attended Coega Fezile Ndema, Office of the Chief Executive, Dr Siyabonga Simagi, Strategic Service Manager Coega and a number of other elements with BP Batam, Coega is also offered to open opportunities for exports of goods to South Africa. Through delegation Coega, they also will help the system deliver trade cooperation with BP Batam, especially those going into the FTZ area managed Coega in South Africa. The suggestion that, BP Batam greeted well. Because, during the Batam has been exporting plastic products like pipes and into South Africa.  
As the FTZ area in South Africa, Coega delegation, said Rustam, also conveyed his country excellence in managing free trade zones. One advantage, they do not sell land, but leases out land to investors.  "Rules such land problems attracting enough foreign investment to South Africa," he added.

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