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Elomax interested in investing in Batam port

BATAM: Potential investment in Riau Islands Province attracted a Canadian company, Elomax Capital to invest in the ports sector and infrastructure in the region. Enterprise Elomax CEO Pat Francis stated Kepri especially Batam Island has world class potential. After hearing the explanation of Batam from the Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of OB / BP Region and Vice Governor of Riau Islands and met with everyone who describes the Batam, he is interested in investment planning in the Riau Islands. "In my opinion, Batam is the land of opportunities, a city with so many opportunities, a great city, great people, for better opportunities, we help companies make the city a better, people better and fuller life good, "he said.

He expressed interest in Elomax to invest in the ports sector, infrastructure development, mining and urban development. Although still in the stage of introduction, but he expressed during the government gives kemudahahan, all things related is very possible he did Elomax readiness to invest and assist in the development of Batam municipal Infrastructure. Pat adds Elomax have a team of developers, building construction and infrastructure. The team will be prepared if the meetings continued into the next process. Elomax desire to invest in the ports sector, seeing the potential for trade in Batam, both exports and imports, very high, where Batam into the entrance of goods to Indonesian West region coupled with the proximity of the area by boat anchored Singpura with high potential. "Our company developed a better city, our company promised that the government, OB / BP region and the Riau Islands Chamber of Commerce will not be difficult, we will convey our readiness for this opportunity, all things possible, we'll see what we could do" Pat Francis is clear.

Visit the company from Toronto, Canada to Batam as well as following the joint meeting between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kepulauan Riau (Riau Islands Chamber of Commerce) and Kingdom Executive Network in Business Luncheon Kingdom 1st International Annual Conference Executive Network in Harmony One, last weekend. Riau Islands Chamber of Commerce Chairman John Kennedy to justify the investment attractiveness of the CEO Elomax Enterprise Dr. Pat Francis. It was announced by John Kennedy during the press conference. John said that this meeting is still in the stage of introduction of the island of Batam. However, he said, the potential investment is worth at least U.S. $ 1 billion dollars (USD $ 9 trillion) are estimates Elomax Capital investment plans in the Riau Islands. Batam became the main destination of investment plans and Batam still great opportunities in the construction of 4 sectors namely manufacturing, shipyard, tourism, trade and services.

"Elomax is a world class company, they have branches in almost all the world including in Singapore and we offer exposure and declare the island of Batam are opportunities for investment, and after the visits Elomax about potential investment opportunities in Batam, they expressed interest," said John Kennedy .

Vice Governor of Riau Islands Province, Soeryo Respationo, who were present responded with a good interest in this investment and as a bureaucratic facilitators He strongly supports the investment plan Elomax. He expected after this meeting is a follow up next. If this investment could eventually be realized, he said, would be menumbuhkankembangkan economy. He also hopes this advantage can also be supported with social aspects. Soeryo concluded that bureaucratic reforms have been implemented to facilitate and make investors comfortable. Soeryo Elomax ensure ease of investing in the Islands during the OB / BP Regions still led Moestofa Wijaya. Moestofa Wijaya, Chairman of the Concession (BP) Batam Elomax agreed to facilitate the investment in Batam. However, as the provider of permission to foreign investment, Moestofa still providing disclosure to investors regardless of big or small the size of investment or investor. "We're not going to vote. Because all of them supporting each other, "said Moestofa. Kingdom Executive Network International (KEN-Intl) was established by Tabgha Business Development Centre, Batam - Indonesia. John Kennedy say KEN is an international business network. Riau Islands Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the KEN KEN hold an annual conference for the first time in the Harmony One Batam.

Several delegations from several countries such as Australia, Britain, and some countries of Africa participated in the meetings business. Some of the topics covered in the meeting, among others, the sector businesses that exist in Batam, administration and conditions of Batam. Enterprise Elomax CEO, Dr. Pat Francis is one of the speakers in KEN besides, the former president of Zambia, Dr. Peter Ndhlovu, Bishop Arthur Kitonga, director of the Prayer House Ministries Australia Inc, Dr. Hilary Moroney and former African politician, Apostle Julius Suubi. Elomax Enterprise is a company that was founded Dr. Pat Francis. Elomax engaged in real estate, investment, commodities, infrastructure development and trade and urban development. Dr. Pat Francis has developed infrastructure and opportunities for investment and trade in commodities and mining. Last record in 2010, in November, ELOMAX led a delegation to Accra, Ghana, followed by business people in the mining sector, technology, finance, agriculture, energy, infrastructure development and professional services with combined capital of U.S. $ 1 trillion.

Elomax Capital provides investment advisory, acquisitions and divestments and capital markets services to the mining and resources industries based throughout the developing world.

Batam Tend to Increase Investment

Batam Tend to Increase Investment Secretary DK Target 100 percent increase in investments in 2011

BATAM - The value of the investment in Batam tended to increase from year to year. Data collected Exploitation Agency (BP) Batam, in 2006 there were 42 foreign direct investment (FDI) with an investment of U.S. $ 192 million, while in 2011 there are 114 foreign direct investment with a value of U.S. $ 391 million.
"There is increased investment from year to year from 2006 to 2011 experienced a significant increase," said Director of Investment, Marketing, and PR BP Batam, Rustam Hutapea at the inaugural event Exploitation Agency Batam, Bintan and Karimun (BBK BP-), Monday (02/07/2011).

In detail Rustam explained, in 2006 as many as 42 firms invested U.S. $ 192 million. while in 2007 there are 79 foreign direct investment with an investment of U.S. $ 299 million. Whereas in 2008 a decline of investment to 77 investors, but the value of its investment increased to $ 422 million. "In 2008 a decline in the amount of investment but investment value increases," he said in a presentation before the governor, vice governor and the Regional Leadership Forum (FKPD) Batam Riau Islands in the BP Building.

He added, in terms of investment amount, in 2009 there was an increase that is 83 investors with an investment of U.S. $ 358 million. And in the year 2010, total fixed investment increased to 114 investments with a value of U.S. $ 391 million. Rustam also said that BP Batam provides recommendations for the development of the investment in Batam, among others, over the ship, oil and gas industry, electronic manufacturing, ship building and tourism.

"In 2011 this road map we mentioned earlier that the addition of a governor of new islands in the area of ​​the island of Batam FTZ ornate widow," he said. While the years 2011-2015 the development of infrastructure, human resources, optimizing land use, and marketing and promotion. After 2015, his road map for the transformation of industrial development that has added value, and service sector development.

"BP's work plan Batam include highway corridor development plan, Batam waste water treatment system project, and bridge-bintan batam. For the motorway immediately tendered," he said. Meanwhile, in the same place, Secretary of the Council Area Agency Exploitation, Jon Erizal said that Riau Islands Province Investment growth in 2011 is expected to increase 100 percent from a year earlier. If investment in 2010 worth U.S. $ 300 million, the year 2011 is targeted at the value of investments increased to U.S. $ 600 million. This was conveyed by the Secretary of the Board of Regions, Jon Erizal, on the sidelines of the event Inauguration of Chief, Deputy Chief and Member of BBK in building BP BPKPBPB Batam.

"We are targeting an increase of 100 percent in 2011, so it can absorb many workers who can directly address the issues of poverty,". he concluded. (Amir)

South Africa's Coega Investment Learn to Batam

Delegation of the Coega Development Corporation of South Africa (South Africa) visited Exploitation Agency (BP) Batam on Monday (17 / 1). Visits of foreign delegates to learn and exchange information about the investment in Batam. In a chance meeting of two bodies equally manage the region's FTZ, South Africa's Coega helped deliver the benefits of the FTZ area in South Africa.
"The meeting Coega and BP Batam is a follow-up of meetings in 2008. There are many benefits from this meeting, although Coega dig more information about the investment attractiveness of Batam. The meeting was to open a marketing network between BP Batam and Coega," said Chief Marketing Bureau BP and PR Batam Rustam H Hutapea BP was accompanied by Head of Public Relations Batam Dwi Djoko Wiwoho after the meeting.  
In a chance meeting that was attended Coega Fezile Ndema, Office of the Chief Executive, Dr Siyabonga Simagi, Strategic Service Manager Coega and a number of other elements with BP Batam, Coega is also offered to open opportunities for exports of goods to South Africa. Through delegation Coega, they also will help the system deliver trade cooperation with BP Batam, especially those going into the FTZ area managed Coega in South Africa. The suggestion that, BP Batam greeted well. Because, during the Batam has been exporting plastic products like pipes and into South Africa.  
As the FTZ area in South Africa, Coega delegation, said Rustam, also conveyed his country excellence in managing free trade zones. One advantage, they do not sell land, but leases out land to investors.  "Rules such land problems attracting enough foreign investment to South Africa," he added.

Japan Cancel 7 Investment Plan in Batam

Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Batam today released a new fact the investment world by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, some time ago. Apindo recorded at least 7 Japanese investment plan in Batam ascertained canceled following the accident that killed tens of thousands of lives it.

"Between six to seven plans of the Japanese investment in Batam canceled," said Chairman Apindo Batam, OK Simatupang, Monday (28 / 3). OK unfortunately do not know exactly how much value the investment that was canceled. Ok just to make sure all potential investors are planning to invest in the electronics industry sector.  In addition to projections devastated investment in Batam, Japan earthquake and tsunami are also certain to have an impact on the continuity of electronics production in Batam. Because, currently around 40 percent in Batam electronic components imported from Japan.

Component supply disruptions would have an impact on the production of about 30 to 40 percent. As a result, the company also will conduct efficiency and can have an impact on workforce reductions or layoffs. "We have friends already give an indication of the industry," said OK as reported by the Batam Pos.  Indeed, the further Ok, indications have not been proven. But he believes this will begin to be felt in the next 2 or 3 months and will take place within a period of time. "Unless the Japanese government could do a quick re-covery," he said.  Faced with this, Apindo suggested that there is transfer of electronic markets from Batam. If all this time the focus of imports and exports of electronic goods from Batam to Japan, then the employer requested will begin to look the other foreign markets, are like China and other Asian countries.  Meanwhile, data Investment Board (BPM) Batam call imports from Japan was second after Singapore. Value of Imports from Japan only worth 313 million U.S. dollars or 8.66 percent. While imports from Singapore reached 57.51 percent or equivalent to 2033 U.S. dollars.  According to Japanese BPM is also not a major destination country exports of electronic products industry Batam.
The main export destination countries are Singapore Batam. Then followed the United States and Japan is in third place. (Ach / BP)


DPR rejected the revised UU PELAYARAN (shipping law)

Signing of Contract Work in the District Land backfill Kabil Batam.

DKB to focus on ship repair & Ship Building


State shipyard and engineering company PT Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (Persero) will focus on ship repair business and plans to relocate its shipyard to Batam Island in order to serve more vessels. DKB president director Mr. Riry Syeried Jetta said the ship repair business was chosen due to its feasibility. The company expects the business to contribute between 50 and 60 percent of its total revenue this year. “Last year, the ship repair business only contributed up to 40 percent of revenue,” he said.  DKB booked Rp 21 billion in net profit last year, down from Rp 23 billion in 2008. The company earned Rp 469 billion in revenue last year, compared to Rp 598 billion in the previous year. The company’s current load work has exceeded by 20 percent, forcing a ship to wait at least one month for repair service. The company has planned to relocate its shipyard from Jakarta to Batam in order to serve more ships, including from foreign countries. The new shipyard will be able to serve a vessel weighing 80,000 DWT. Mr.Riry said the relocation would require Rp 600 billion in investment.