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DPR rejected the revised UU PELAYARAN (shipping law)

House of Representatives (DPR) does not give the green light on the government to revise the Act (Act) No. 17 of 2008 on shipping. In a hearing with the House of Representatives Commission V on Wednesday (2 / 3) and Thursday (3 / 3) yesterday, a majority of House members objected to the plan revised Shipping Law.
They suggested that the government should issue a Government Regulation (PP) alone as the legal umbrella of the implementation of cabotage exemption aka obligation Indonesian flagged vessels for vessels supporting oil drilling activities.
But Vice Chairman of Commission V of the House Muhidin Mohamed Said said, the final decision of the Commission V of the House will be taken next week. "Shipping Law does not need to be revised because it is in the national interest. Then if the domestic shipping industry can afford, so do not need to be revised," he said, Thursday (3 / 3).  
Just to remind the proposal to revise the Shipping Law was offered the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and Management Agency for Upstream Oil and Gas.
Both institutions were asked for no exceptions in the application of Article 341 of the Shipping Law which is about the implementation of cabotage for oil drilling ship type C. The reason, the vessel is not able to be provided by the domestic shipping business.  
Most members of the House of Representatives rejected the revised Shipping Law. As a middle, there was a suggestion for the legal basis for exclusion of cabotage ship oil drilling just use PP.
Members of the House of Representatives Commission V Sigit Sosiantomo states, if only to make an exception does not necessarily have to revise the Shipping Law. In addition to time-consuming, as well as to ensure the implementation of cabotage could begin running early May.
Members of the House of Representatives Commission V of another Lazarus also agrees. When the Shipping Law is revised, so the implementation of cabotage will retreat again. Indonesian National shipowners Association (INSA) also agreed that the revised law is not needed for cabotage shipping goes according to plan.  

INSA chairman W. Johnson Sucipto admit there is a specific ship that has not been able to be met INSA of offshore oil drilling ship type C. Therefore, INSA agree when to ship types are temporarily excluded from cabotage. "That applies not yet available for ships flying the red and white," he said.
He explained, actually there are several ships of type C that has been available in Indonesia. Among others, a unit of cable / pipe laying ship, three units of 2D seismic, 3D seismic unit, as well as six units of jack-up rig vessel. In addition, a national company also is preparing to enter the ship offshore group C as Berlian Laju Tanker, Trada Maritime, and Meratus.

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