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Singapore Shipyard Company Relocation to Batam

BATAM - Company shipyard (shipyard industry) from Singapore's bustling busy moving its factories to Batam, after the Singapore government banned the construction industry due to limited land.
Added, Batam has become the most profitable alternative for industry players in Singapore shipyard to build the plant because of several advantages. First, the distance is very close to Singapore so that mobility becomes very smooth, especially the ship from Batam to Singapore and vice versa is always available until midnight with the distance of about 50 minutes. Second, the potential of marine Batam with enough depth so it is suitable to build a shipyard factory.

Therefore, global shipyard industry players not only from Singapore but from other countries like Korea and America and the Middle East are also a lot to build a plant in Batam. Shipyard Industry in Batam has developed rapidly over the last five years.
The development of shipyard industry in Batam influenced government policies that do not accept anymore Singapore shipyard industry in the country due to limited land thus been targeted Batam shipyard international businessman because the island has the potential to develop the industry.

Some of the potential of Batam is the depth of the beach which is suitable to build a shipyard and plant availability of sufficient manpower with highly competitive salaries when compared with Vietnam and China. Then Batam is also close to Singapore so that the resulting production of Batam can be easily and quickly send or export to other countries through the port of Singapore.
Batam FTZ status also has a company so that production costs can be reduced due to raw material imports and exports are not subjectto tax and import duties.

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