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Batam Tend to Increase Investment

Batam Tend to Increase Investment Secretary DK Target 100 percent increase in investments in 2011

BATAM - The value of the investment in Batam tended to increase from year to year. Data collected Exploitation Agency (BP) Batam, in 2006 there were 42 foreign direct investment (FDI) with an investment of U.S. $ 192 million, while in 2011 there are 114 foreign direct investment with a value of U.S. $ 391 million.
"There is increased investment from year to year from 2006 to 2011 experienced a significant increase," said Director of Investment, Marketing, and PR BP Batam, Rustam Hutapea at the inaugural event Exploitation Agency Batam, Bintan and Karimun (BBK BP-), Monday (02/07/2011).

In detail Rustam explained, in 2006 as many as 42 firms invested U.S. $ 192 million. while in 2007 there are 79 foreign direct investment with an investment of U.S. $ 299 million. Whereas in 2008 a decline of investment to 77 investors, but the value of its investment increased to $ 422 million. "In 2008 a decline in the amount of investment but investment value increases," he said in a presentation before the governor, vice governor and the Regional Leadership Forum (FKPD) Batam Riau Islands in the BP Building.

He added, in terms of investment amount, in 2009 there was an increase that is 83 investors with an investment of U.S. $ 358 million. And in the year 2010, total fixed investment increased to 114 investments with a value of U.S. $ 391 million. Rustam also said that BP Batam provides recommendations for the development of the investment in Batam, among others, over the ship, oil and gas industry, electronic manufacturing, ship building and tourism.

"In 2011 this road map we mentioned earlier that the addition of a governor of new islands in the area of ​​the island of Batam FTZ ornate widow," he said. While the years 2011-2015 the development of infrastructure, human resources, optimizing land use, and marketing and promotion. After 2015, his road map for the transformation of industrial development that has added value, and service sector development.

"BP's work plan Batam include highway corridor development plan, Batam waste water treatment system project, and bridge-bintan batam. For the motorway immediately tendered," he said. Meanwhile, in the same place, Secretary of the Council Area Agency Exploitation, Jon Erizal said that Riau Islands Province Investment growth in 2011 is expected to increase 100 percent from a year earlier. If investment in 2010 worth U.S. $ 300 million, the year 2011 is targeted at the value of investments increased to U.S. $ 600 million. This was conveyed by the Secretary of the Board of Regions, Jon Erizal, on the sidelines of the event Inauguration of Chief, Deputy Chief and Member of BBK in building BP BPKPBPB Batam.

"We are targeting an increase of 100 percent in 2011, so it can absorb many workers who can directly address the issues of poverty,". he concluded. (Amir)

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